Download Windows 8 Transformation Pack 4 For Windows XP, Vista And Windows 7

Windows 8 Consumer Preview has got quite a few new features. Some of these features can be brought back to Windows 7 with Windows 8 Transformation Pack.  With Windows 8 Transformation Pack, Windows 7 computer will look like Windows 8 Consumer Preview. There is also a release called Windows 8 UX Pack which is specially designed for Windows 7 only. That release is small in size and 20 MB download while the Transformation pack is 56 MB download and can be installed on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Features of Windows 8 Transformation Pack

Some of the new features in Windows 8 Transformation Pack are listed below:

  • Adds Segoe font which is used in the Windows8 Consumer Preview
  • Adds Charms Bar (The Charms Bar in Windows 8 provides the function Searching, Sharing your files, options to Restart, Shutdown etc.)
  • Updated the Logon Screen, Wallpapers,Themes, Shell Branding, logos,Shell icons, Start Button/Orb, System Tray Icons to match it to the new Windows 8 Consumer Preview ones
  • The Pack is more secure because it does not modify any system files and is safe
  • Option to disable system files modification upon installation
  • Fixed some Problems with the x64 version of Windows
  • Fixed Permission problems for those program which modify some files in program files
  • Fixed some problem in the uninstall module that would remove old theme registry
  • Component UI font is changed to Tahama and Info font is changed to Segoe UI
  • Immerse UI with Charms Bar is selected as default option, instead of Metro Desktop UI
  • Updated the pictures of guest and user with the ones available in Windows 8 Consumer Preview
  • Updated the option for selection of the Windows 8 default colorization

Windows 8 transformation pack 4

The Transformation Pack installs an application called Newgen.exe. This application is the Windows 8 Metro Start Screen replacement for Windows 7. You will see a set of apps on this screen. The apps showing on this screen are the Store, Videos, Photos, Music, Desktop, Metro Internet Explorer, Date & Time App, Twitter App, Control Panel, Socialite, Log Off/Shutdown/Restart App.

Windows 8 transformation pack 4 charms bar

The Newgen application can be invoked with clicking on the top right screen on the desktop, this will call the charms menu and now click on start to bring it.

Windows 8 transformation pack 4 logon screen

The Newgen application eats up to 180+ MB memory and is not suitable for running on systems with 1 GB memory.

Download Windows 8 Transformation Pack 4 for all Windows versions

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    • Windows 8 transformation pack comes with a nice uninstall option. You can go to Programs and Features, find Windows 8 transformation pack and uninstall from there. This will remove the software properly from your computer.


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