Download System Mechanic 11 Free With Windows 8 Support

I have previously written a full review about IOLO System Mechanic which is a powerful performance optimization software for Windows. System Mechanic 11 has been released with Windows 8 support. There are several modules which make System Mechanic the complete optimization solution for Windows. To summarize the features, we list down some of the main features of System Mechanic 11:

System Mechanic 11

Revolutionary real-time, always-on technology included in System Mechanic 11 optimizes data storage as it happens. This makes sure that the system is always on top performance and the hardware wear out including the hard drive gets prolonged.

Startup Optimization

System Mechanic 11 delivers more simpler yet powerful startup optimization features which accelerate the overall performance of the system including quick startup times and re-injection of resources to the foreground processes.

Windows 8 support

System Mechanic now support Windows Operating Systems from Windows XP to Windows 8. Windows 8 Release Preview has been launched while the final version of Windows 8 will be out soon. We can expect some great optimizations in Windows 8 using System Mechanic 11.

Tune-up Definitions

Tune-up definitions is the most interesting part of System Mechanic. System Mechanic keeps on adding new Tune-up definitions to make sure that each and everything in the computer is optimized according to the latest standards. These Tune-up definitions are added automatically like an antivirus definitions update.

Additional Dashboard Control and Streamlined Setup
System Mechanic 11’s primary command center has been expanded to include easy access to more commonly used tools, at-a-glance status on key functionality, and one-click control of automatic maintenance features. System Mechanic 11 also provides single-step options for the most recommended configurations under a wide variety of environments. This simpler and more efficient installation and upgrade process takes the guesswork out of software setup.

Download System Mechanic Free

(Just click on "Download Free Version" in order to download the free version of System Mechanic 11. The free version has limited functionality but it is absolutely fine for basic use in Windows 8).