Download Skype 6.6 Offline Installers With Optimized Video Messaging

If you remember that Skype 6.5 had been released with video messaging support. That was a major feature update. But now Microsoft has released Skype 6.6 which enhances the existing features. Video messaging feature has been optimized further.

Skype 6.6 is a minor update which concentrates on ensuring consistent user experience on every device Skype is installed. You can right-click any Skype contact and select “Send Video message” to record and send a video message. A maximum of 3 minutes of video message can be recorded.

About Skype version

Apart from the video messaging enhancement features, 7 issues have been resolved. Here’s the list of resolved features:

Screen share: Doesn’t work when restarted a second time for users on 6.1 version.

Video messaging: Cannot playback video on Windows XP

Hanging: Client hangs when hovering over heart emoticon

Crashing: Skype crashes when resuming PC from sleep

File sharing: After cancelling transfer by recipient, cancelled transfer is not shown to sender

Lync contacts: After adding phone number to a Lync contact, information is not shown in their profile

Video calling: Changing camera stops video call in progress

Skype can be downloaded from the following direct download links:

Skype for Windows Desktop 6.6: SkypeSetup.exe

Skype for Mac 6.6: Skype_6.6.0.467.dmg