Download Skype 5.11 Offline Installer With Facebook/Microsoft Account Login

Skype 5.11 Beta has been released by Microsoft with several notable features. The most notable feature is the slow integration of Skype into other Microsoft products like Windows Live Messenger and Microsoft account. This integration continues from the moment Microsoft acquired Skype. The other notable change is the integration of Skype with Facebook. The love of Microsoft and Facebook continues as Skype 5.11 can be used with Facebook ID without creating an a Skype ID first.


Microsoft has also integrated Skype with the Microsoft account. Now anyone having a Microsoft account can use Skype without needing to create a new Skype ID. This is a good step forward in my opinion. Microsoft has gone further by integrating Skype with Windows Live Messenger , Hotmail and Now if you are signed into Skype, you’ll be able to send and receive messages from your Windows Live friends.

If you use Skype as your primary messaging app, you can link your Microsoft and Facebook accounts with your Skype ID and after that the contact from all the three services will be shown in Skype.

If you have already installed Skype, running the Skype installer will automatically start the upgrade process.

Skype upgrade

The upgrade process is pretty seamless and does not require any user intervention. If you had already signed into Skype, you will be taken to the Skype main window and you’ll not be able to notice anything other than a notice that your Skype has been updated to the latest one.

Skype updated

But if you are not signed in, you will see a different Skype login window. You can either sign into Skype using your Skype ID or alternatively sign in with your Microsoft account or Facebook ID.

sign in options

If you sign in with either Microsoft account or Facebook ID, you will have an options to merge your Skype ID with these accounts.

Merge Skype with Facebook

Otherwise you can simply click the “Get started” button and merge the accounts.

Since Skype 5.11 is still in beta, it has some known issues. For example you can not change your password when logged in with your Microsoft or Facebook accounts and after linking a Microsoft account and a Skype account, signing in with your Skype account will still show Messenger contacts, but they will appear offline. Hopefully these bugs and limitations will be fixed in the final version of Skype 5.11.

Download Skype 5.11 beta offline installer

Note: I will update the link when Microsoft releases a new version of Skype 5.11.