Download Microsoft Silverlight PivotViewer

Microsoft Silverlight PivotViewer is a tool from Microsoft which makes it easier to view and interact with large amounts of data on the web is a very informative and powerful ways. PivotViewer can be used in many applications to present large amounts of information intuitively. The scenarios include business intelligence, interanet navigation, academic research and image galleries etc.

In simple words, PivotViewer lets us create collections that are displayed on the web. Collection is just like any other web content like HTML, images etc but collections are CXML and Deep Zoom-formatted (DZC) images. When the user browses the collection from a web page, the PivotViewer will use the Silverlight Control to display the files. The following pic shows what is happening at the backend and the frontend of a Silverlight App collection.


Microsoft PivotViewer can be downloaded directly from here.