Microsoft Security Essentials 4 Antivirus With Latest Offline Updates

After 5 months of beta, Microsoft has finally released Microsoft Security Essentials 4 final (MSE) with some performance improvements. MSE is a free antivirus from Microsoft which has received a lot of praise from Windows users. A lot of users have switched from other free antivirus solutions like AVG Antivirus, Avast Antivirus Free and Avira Antivir.

If you look at the overall performance comparison of highest rated Antivirus with Microsoft Security Essentials, we see that MSE tends to lack a lot of features that other security software have but the it beats all of ’em in price. Here’s the AV-Test graphs of overall performance comparison of all the antivirus programs:

Microsoft Security Essentials 4 comparison with other security software

You can see that Microsoft Security Essentials is at the bottom of the chart in there average performance tests. You can see the complete performance tests on AV-Tests website. Please note that these tests have been taken in 2011.

The latest update to Microsoft Security Essentials 4 doesn’t seem to be a major one. It includes streamlining the interface with a few bug fixes. The SpyNet service has been renamed to Microsoft Active Protection Services. One other thing that I noted was that now MSE doesn’t show the last update date and time within the interface which may confuse the user.

Although Microsoft Security Essentials 4 final has been released, it is still to be pushed for update from Windows Updates. If you can’t wait to install MSE 4 through Windows Update, you can download it from the following direct download links:

Download Microsoft Security Essentials 4 (32-bit version)

Download Microsoft Security Essentials 4 (64-bit version)

Please note that you need to be running genuine Windows in order to install MSE otherwise Security Essentials creates problems with the pirated version of Windows. It is always recommended to use genuine software.

There have been some issues with the installation of Microsoft Security Essentials 4. You can read about the problems in Microsoft Answers forum.

Update: The original download of Microsoft Security Essentials 4 is without definition updates so the size of the setup file is extremely small. You can download the latest definition updates from the following links:

Microsoft Security Essentials offline updates for 32-bit system

Update: Microsoft Security Essentials has been updated to 4.1. Please download the latest Microsoft Security Essentials offline installer direct download links here.

Microsoft Security Essentials offline updates for 64-bit system

Network Inspection System Definition Updates (32-bit)

Network Inspection System Definition Updates (64-bit)