Download iTunes 11 With Redesigned Interface And iCloud Sync Features

iTunes 11 has finally been released after quite a few delays in the release cycle. The new iTunes 11 comes with a redesigned graphical user interface. The users who are already using iTunes 10.7 will notice a nice change in the user interface.

iTunes 11 welcome screen

If you look closely, the interface has been redesigned and the sidebar has been removed by default. If you are used to using the sidebar like me, you can go to View –> Enable Sidebar or just press Ctrl + S hotkey.

iTunes 11 with sidebar enabled

iTunes 11 makes is super easy to manage playlists. Now users can easily use drag and drop functionality to add a new song to a particular library. Just drag a song in the library on the right hand side and you will get the list of playlists. You can drop the file to any playlist of your choice.

The mini player of iTunes has also been completely redesigned in iTunes 11. If you want to switch to the mini player, just press the Ctrl + Shift + M hotkey.

Mini Player of iTunes 11

iTunes 11 direct download links

[download id=”53″]

[download id=”54″]


I was not able to find the direct download link for the 32 bit version. If anyone finds the download link for iTunes 32-bit version, please share in the comments.