Download HD Analyzer To Manage Hard Drive Space

Over the passage of time, even the largest hard drives tend to fill in with data and leave less free space. This is because the users tend to create more files and data and not delete any obsolete or junk data.

HD Analyzer is a great little software which can get you a larger picture of the hard drive by visualizing the data inside the hard drive. It shows detailed information about the files which are taking more space on the selected drives.

TweakNow HD Analyzer

Upon installation and start, HD Analyzer will show all the hard drives along with visual bars of free and used space. To see the visual graph of a specific drive or folder, click on specific buttons, Analyze Drive or Analyze Folder. It will take a few minutes depending upon the size of the drive or folder being scanned.

After the scanning is complete, you will see a window of three panes. The left hand pane lists down all the folders along with their size (with a visual size bar) in a tree view. The right hand pane will give additional information about the selected folder in the left hand pane. If you want to open any folder, just press "Show Folder in Windows Explorer" button. Unfortunately, right click does not work with HD Analyzer. The bottom pane gives the summary of all the files and folders that were scanned.

HD Analyzer analyzing drive

HD Analyzer has helped me in finding some obsolete files that were taking huge space in my system drive. It was easier for me to delete those files after identification. HD Analyzer can only give the analysis of the drive or folder. We need to do the cleaning ourselves. For automatic cleaning, you may try out software like DMaintenance or Toolwiz Care.

Download HD Analyzer

Which software do you use for analyzing your hard drives? What are your comments about HD Analyzer?