Download Google Drive Desktop Application Offline Installer

Google Drive Desktop App is the Application provided by Google, you can sync all of your important and personal file and documents in the Google Drive App from the Google Drive Cloud. So that you may access the folders offline and edit any documents if required. 15GB free space is provided by Google Drive to store anything you want to. And if you need more spaces, its paid version provides you space up to 16TB.

Google Drive Feature Review

  • Google Drive Desktop App allows you to store any format file. And your file can be audio, video, music, document or any other file.
  • All the files, which are stored in your Google Drive, you can access those files anywhere from any device through the Google Drive Desktop App.
  • The Free Version of Google Drive App provides you space up to 15 GB.
  • The Google Drive App provides you synchronization and backup of your files.
  • Google Drive Desktop App provides you the facility to share any folder or file with any other users.
  • You can scan any of your files for Mobile, and then the document will store as PDF format.

Google Drive Desktop App Vs Google Drive Web

Google Drive Desktop App is the App like DropBox or any other storage app, that syncs all of your folders with your Google Drive Web. A folder is created on your System which contains all your files and what changes you made in Google Drive Web, the changes will auto sync into the folders present in the Google Drive Desktop App.

In the Google Drive Web, you can’t edit all of your files as every standalone software for editing purposes aren’t available online. and to use Google Drive Web, you must have Internet access all time. that’s also not possible all the time.

In Google Drive Desktop App, the versions or revisions of any file or folder aren’t available, but in Google Drive Web, you can have each revision for every folder and file. and the files we deleted from our Google Drive Desktop App, get deleted but when we delete any file in Google Drive Web, the all deleted files are still present in the Trash folder, if you want to recover any file back, you can.

Google Drive Desktop App vs Google Drive File Stream App

Please note that Google is discontinuing Google Drive app pretty soon. Instead it is introducing Google Drive File Stream app which is almost the same but will not feature selected folder sync. It may be better at bandwidth and space management but certainly less featureful as compared to Google Drive Desktop app.

You may download the latest version of Google Drive app in this article.

Installing Google Drive

  • Download the Google Drive App from below Offline Installer link.
  • Then the installer will open that installs the Google Drive into your System.
  • After a few seconds, the installation will finish. And the Google Drive will install on your System. Go to Start Menu and open Google Drive, then the window will appear that asks you to Sign In to your Google Account to start using Google Drive. Click on “Sign In Now".


  • Enter your ID and Password to login into your Account.


  • And then you can see a folder will appear in your Users folder with the name of Google Drive. You can keep all your files in this folder to store your files. Click on Next to proceed further.


  • If you want to share any of your File to your friend or any other contact, go to Google Drive folder, and right-click the file you want to share and click on “Share".
  • And now you are done, go to the Users, there you will see the folder of Google Drive. All your folders will sync to your Computer from Google Drive Cloud so that you can easily access the folders.

Google Drive Offline Installer Link

Download Google Drive from here

So download the Google Drive Desktop App from Offline Installer Link and install the App on your System without the Internet connectivity. And start securing your files from any danger of losing your important files as you will have synchronization of each folder and file with Google Drive Cloud on your System via Google Drive Desktop App. Thank you