Download Free Registry Cleaner For Windows 8

Registry cleaners have always been controversial and their effectiveness has been questioned by so many experts. But one thing is for sure, registry cleaners, as the name implies, are for cleaning the Windows Registry which gets overloaded with invalid file references and other issues left by the programs we keep on installing regularly in Windows.

Since working with Windows Registry is a sensitive job as Windows will get corrupt if anything important gets deleted, it should be dealt with care. We should not try all the registry cleaners. One feature that we should be looking for in any Windows Registry cleaner is that it should have a backup and restore system so that if anything goes wrong, we can immediately revert back to the original state.

Cleaning the Windows Registry can make your system faster and more robust only if it’s done with care. Otherwise it is only destined to ruin the system.

Eusing Free Registry Cleaner is a Windows Registry cleaner which promises to safely clean and repair registry problems with simplicity and ease of use. The best feature of Eusing Free Registry Cleaner is that it can backup Windows Registry before scanning the registry and fixing issues in it. Not only can it backup registry, it can also start Windows Backup for you so that you can create a restore point before proceeding to the next steps.

Registry backup

Windows Backup and Registry backup options can be accessed through Eusing Free Registry Cleaner file menu.

Eusing Free Registry Cleaner for Windows 8

The Windows Backup doesn’t seem to work in Windows 8 so you’ll need to be content with the full registry backup in Windows 8.

Using Eusing Free Registry Cleaner is very easy. It has only three options to work with.

  1. Scan registry issues
  2. Repair registry issues
  3. Restore previous registry

To start the scanning process, click on the "Scan registry issues" link. This will start the scanning process. You will see the problematic registry keys being found in the right hand pane. You can select or de-select any specific keys which you want to be repaired or not.

After the scanning process is complete, you can click on the "Repair registry issues" in order to start the repairing process. The repairing process takes a few seconds and will show the finishing dialog box about the repair process.

Finished repairing

Although Eusing website does not list Windows 8 in the supported platforms section, I can confirm that I have used Eusing Free Registry Cleaner on two of my Windows 8 computers and have yet to encounter any problems.

Download Eusing Free Registry Cleaner

Do you use any registry cleaners for your system? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.