Download Free Download Manager 3.9 With Remote Download Support

Modern browsers come with handy download managers which support advanced functions like pausing and resuming the downloads. With each new version release, there is some enhancement to the built-in download manager of the browser. Although the built-in download managers may be simple to use but they lack advanced downloading options which are included in standalone download managers like Internet Download Manager or Internet Download Accelerator.

Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager is a popular download manager which is ofcourse free and supports many advanced functions. The new version of Free Download Manager 3.9 has been released with a lot of new features. Let’s discuss some of the features.

FDM Community Options

When you install Free Download Manager 3.9, you will notice the first feature to enable FDM community options. These are advanced options which enable the user to rate and comment on the files being downloaded. As a whole, the community helps itself to identify if the file being downloaded is safe or not.

Bittorrent protocol support

The next feature that you will notice is the support for bittorrent protocol. This means that you will be able to download torrents directly from Free Download Manager and there will be no need for a separate torrent manager.

Another great feature of Free Download Manager is the video conversion option. You can start downloading a video but when it comes to saving, you have the option to convert the downloaded video to any other format of your choice.

My favorite feature of Free Download Manager is the remote downloads feature. Now you don’t have to be on your computer to start downloading files from the Internet. With Free Download Manager, you will have the option to start the download process remotely from any other computer. You will need access to your computer and FDM should be running in order to start the remote download process.

There are other unique features of Free Download Manager like downloading webpages and websites and downloading streaming videos etc. Which download manager do you use on your computer? Do you use multiple download managers?

Download Free Download Manager