Download Firefox 6 Portable

Firefox 6 Stable version has been released by Mozilla today and now Portableapps has released the portable version of Firefox 6. Firefox 6 Portable has the same qualities and functions except that it stores everything in one folder. The folder is independent and can be taken anywhere. You can copy it in your USB flash drives and run it from the USB flash drives on any computer you want.

Firefox 6 portable

Firefox 6 does not bring in any visual changes to the browser. So don’t be surprised if you don’t feel anything has changes. The major changes in Firefox 6 relate to the performance of the browser. Now it is a lot stable and leaks less memory than the previous versions. The visual change that you will find is in the address bar. Now the address bar highlights the domain you are visiting. This will enable you to see if you are on the same domain on which you intended to go. This will help in cracking down on scams and phishing attacks.

Download Firefox 6 Portable

Download Firefox 6 Stable installer (Windows, Linux and Mac)

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