Download Firefox 57 Offline Installer For All Operating Systems

Firefox 57 has been released in the stable channel today, 14th November 2017. You may download Firefox 57 offline installer from links given in this article.

Previously, the two updates were released in two consecutive weeks for Firefox 57 Beta version to experience the changes of Firefox 57 before it comes to Stable version.

Firefox 57 is twice as fast compared to earlier versions of Firefox as it is powered by a cutting-edge engine. It uses 30 percent less memory than Chrome browser so other apps won’t slow down. The new look of Firefox 57 makes the browser more attractive and effective. The old add-ons system has been removed from the Firefox 57. And many other new features are added in this release.

Firefox users can easily upgrade to Firefox 57 via automatic updates when the updates will available. But you can get the latest Firefox by downloading it from below direct links.

Let’s see the changes, improvements, and new features of Firefox 57.

Changelog of Firefox 57

The Firefox has started Quantum project to increase the performance of Firefox 57, and it has released with Firefox 57. This new project Firefox Quantum is 2X faster in speed. Firefox Quantum also includes a visual refresh “Photon", that looks and feels new and refreshing for all operating systems.

What’s new in Firefox 57

Firefox gets a new Visual Redesign interface – Photon project. You can experience this new UI in the stable version of Firefox 57. The AMD VP9 hardware video decoder support for video playback has been improved, and it will use less power consumption than the earlier versions of Firefox.

If you have enabled the accessibility services, the title bar of the window will show you the accessibility indicator. One more new thing, the date and time input support has been added in the Nightly update.

WIth Firefox 57, easily manage site data by clearing unwanted cookies and cache to fix the performance issues by going to the “Options/Privacy and Security" section of the browser.

Firefox 57 has new light and dark themes. If you want to switch between these two themes, you need to enable it by going to the Firefox Settings. Otherwise, Firefox will enable the default theme as a default.

Changes in Firefox 57

The Browser’s scroll feature now uses asynchronous scrolling. You may feel smoother scrolling with this asynchronous scrolling. In Linux, the content process has more strict security sandbox to block the Filesystem reading and writing. In Unix, the middle mouse paste in the content area no longer navigates to URLs by default.

Changes in Firefox 57 for Developers

Firefox 57 brings some changes for developers also.

  • The toolbar Share button has been removed.
  • The complete visual refresh of both the light and dark DevTools themes have been added, these are matching the new visual style of Firefox Quantum.
  • The inspector shows the values of CSS variables on hover.
  • It has completely new and re-designed Console panel. The Console has been rewritten using modern web technologies as React and Redux.

Issues with Firefox

On Windows and Linux OS, Firefox can crash in some situations if you are using Intel Broadwell-U-processors with old microcode. This issue is unresolved in this release. But Firefox will surely release some other update to fix issues.

Download Firefox 57 Offline Installer (Direct Download Links)

The following links are direct download links to Firefox 57 offline installer. You can easily complete your installation without connecting to the internet with these offline installers.

Download Firefox 57 for Windows 64-bit

Download Firefox 57 for Windows 32-bit

Download Firefox 57 for Linux

Download Firefox 57 for Mac

Update Firefox browser to experience a new and the fastest browsing with its cutting-edge engine.