Download Dropbox 1.6.3 With Retina Support

Dropbox 1.6.3 stable version has been released for all platforms including Windows, Linux and Mac.

The new Dropbox is mostly a bug fix version fixing things for older platforms. Here is the complete change log:

Fixed in this build (1.6.3)

  • Fix install failure in Windows 2000.
  • Fix rare issue with sync not working on 10.4
  • Other small fixes.

What’s new in 1.6

  • New icons! (Retina support!)
  • Improved performance through use of Python 2.7
  • New Mac installer (just double click!)
  • Faster startup time for Mac users with lots of files
  • Improved web login from client

It has been a few hours when Dropbox 1.6.3 was released but it has not been automatically updated on the installed versions of Dropbox. If you want to see which version of Dropbox is installed on your system, just hover you mouse over the Dropbox system tray icon and you will get the version number in the notification balloon.

Check dropbox version number

You can also right click on the Dropbox system tray icon and select Preferences. In the Account tab, you will find the version of Dropbox currently installed on the system.

Checking dropbox version through Preferences

Now you can either wait for some more time so that Dropbox will automatically update itself or download it from the below mentioned direct download links. Running the downloaded installer will automatically update the currently installed Dropbox.

Mac OS X:
Linux x86_64:
Linux x86:

If you haven’t used Dropbox yet, you can signup for Dropbox for free.

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