Download Dexpot To Create Virtual Desktops In Windows

One feature that lacks in Windows by default and always comes in Linux is the virtual desktops. You can easily create multiple virtual desktops to make efficient use of the screen as working on different desktops for different types of work is more beneficial and efficient than cluttering everything on one desktop screen.

Dexpot is a small software which is free for private usage and can create multiple virtual desktop environments for different programs. For example, if you do multiple works at the same time, you can specify each virtual desktop for each work like opening business applications on one desktop, browsers and other internet applications on another desktop and another desktop can be used for music related tasks etc.

You can access Dexpot download from the below location. When installing, there are two main points, one, it’ll ask you to check the checkbox which says “I use Dexpot 1.5 only for private purposes or want to evaluate Dexpot 1.5 for 30 days on my company’s workstation”. You can safely check this if you’re using it on your home computer. The second point is when the installer asks to install Nitro PDF Reader. You can select “Do not install Nitro PDF Reader” if you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.

The memory footprint of Dexpot is very small. It was using only 2MB of RAM on my 64-bit Windows 7. Using Dexpot is very easy. When Dexpot is run, it’ll show up in the system tray. You can right click it to switch between different desktops. There are four desktops by default. If you don’t feel easy with the system tray icon, you can always activate the desktop manager which will show all the desktops above the system tray.

Dexpot desktop manager

You can right click any desktop in the desktop manager for more options like moving windows from one desktop to another. You can also configure different settings like screen resolution and wallpaper for each desktop. The best part of Dexpot is that it can be extended through the use of plugins. Dexpot is also available as a portable app. So it can be launched from a USB drive to be used anywhere. The latest version of Dexpot 1.5 only supports Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. The users of Windows 95, 98, ME and NT4 can still use Dexpot 1.4.

Download Dexpot 1.5 (Latest)

Download Dexpot 1.4

Download Dexpot portable