Download Chemistry Add-In for Microsoft Word 2007 and 2010

Chemistry add-in for Microsoft Word makes it easier to write Chemical information like labels, chemical formulas, 2D depictions from within Word. This add-in is very similar to Microsoft Mathematics which makes it easier to write mathematical terms.

The Chemistry add-in for Microsoft Word is called Chem4Word and is an open-source project started by Microsoft and University of Cambridge to simplify writing of chemical information in Microsoft Word 207 and 2010. Chem4Word makes use of Chemical Markup Language (CML) which makes it possible for the humans as well as the machines to understand the underlying semantics of the Chemistry information stored in Microsoft Word document.

Download Chemistry Add-in and install. Make sure that Microsoft Word is not running at the time of installation. You’ll see the new Chemistry tab when you open Microsoft Word after installation of Chem4Word.

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