Download Bing Toolbar 7.1 With Facebook Chat And Slacker Streaming Radio

I am not a big fan of toolbars mainly because they slow down the browser considerably while adding new features. On the other hand, I use Firefox and Chrome addons in order to get the functionality which I want in the browser.

Google Toolbar for Firefox was discontinued but Bing toolbar carried on. Microsoft is rapidly updating and improving Bing Toolbar to make it more useful and effective for the users.

Microsoft has yet again released a new version of Bing Toolbar. The latest version is Bing Toolbar 7.1. It can only be installed on Internet Explorer. There is no support available for Firefox or Chrome.

Bing bar facebook news feed

I recently reviewed FlipToast which is a Facebook client for Windows 8. But Bing Toolbar has taken a lead in this regard. Bing Toolbar now gives news feeds of Facebook inside the toolbar so the user always remains updated even if he hasn’t opened Facebook in the browser. Bing Bar also lets users chat with Facebook friends right inside the toolbar.

Bing bar facebook chat

Bing Bar 7.1 also adds Slacker streaming radio. It is an Internet radio station which requires Flash Player in order to work correctly. You can now listen to the radio while browsing the Internet. The radio will not interrupt the browsing process.

Download Bing Bar 7.1 (link to offline installer)