Download Avira Free Antivirus 2013 With Social Networks Protection

Since 2012 is about to end and the holiday shopping season is about to start, the security companies have been busy releasing their 2013 line of products. Previously we reported the latest release of Bitdefender 2013, F-Secure 2013, Microsoft Security Essentials 4.1, Norton 2013 and AVG 2013.

Avira Free Antivirus 2013

We have already written about the upcoming features of Avira 2013 Free Antivirus. At that time, the product was still in beta but now the final version has been released.

The worst we can get from Avira 2013 is that it still does not officially support Windows 8. If you are using Windows and and try to install the antivirus, you will get the following warning message:

Avira 2013 warning on Windows 8

Moving from system to user security

The Avira team is taking a positive approach in that they are moving their focus from system focused security to user security. Now the new security products from Avira will consider user security instead of the system security. From this release onwards, Avira will no longer the year in their versioning. This may be good for them to push more updates to the user but the user may feel better with year versioning.

New integrations and improvements

1- Integration of social networks

Avira social networks protection

This feature is more of a parental control option. with the social networks feature, you will be able to monitor the social network accounts of your children. Avira will keep a close eye on their activities e.g, commenting etc.

2- Enhanced child protection

This is also more of a parental control feature. You will be able to control the Internet activities of specific Windows user accounts. You can specify which content categories can be accessed and seen in that particular Windows user account.

3- Android security integration

Now Avira provides free Android security which will protect you from loss or theft of the smartphone.

4- Avira Protection Cloud (APV) and ProActiv

Avira now uses cloud technology to know about the latest threats as they occur and provide its users with the latest protection. This feature speeds up the update cycle and protects from even the latest threats. Unfortunately, this feature is available only with paid versions of Avira 2013.

5- Web safety advisor

This feature is very similar to WOT (Web of Trust) which will let you know about the links on a web page. It will specify the links as safe, low risk, verifying, unknown or high risk. This will give you an idea of whether to open the link or not.

Avira 2013 Free Antivirus will have the update frequency set to every 6 hours meaning that you will be protected from the latest threats.

Avira 2013 custom setup

One thing to note here is that Avira has partnered with Ask and Uniblue so most probably the free antivirus will come equiped with these toolbars and extra products. You may be careful when installing the product. Just select custom installation and then uncheck any additional or optional software which the installer wants to install. If you install Avira from the direct download link below, you will be asked to install Web Protection with the Avira SearchFree Toolbar. In my opinion, it is just a hindrance to your everyday browsing and should not be installed. It is only useful for aggressive blocking of websites.

Avira 2013 antivirus bundled products install

Download Avira 2013

You may go here and select Avira Free Antivirus from the list. Otherwise, you can use the following direct download links for downloading the product:

Download Avira Free Antivirus 2013 Installer [97 MB]

You may also download and read the release notes in PDF form.

Source: Avira blog

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