Download And Install 300+ Games From The Internet

Gaming has become an integral part of our digital lives. Everyone, whether young or old, who is using a computer also plays his favorite games on the computer. There are dedicated gaming stations like XBox and Sony PlayStation but here we are talking about games on the PC. If you are a game lover and like to play a lot of games on your PC, the software that I’m going to talk about is just for you.

Tiggit is an open source and free game launcher and installer which can also download new games from the Internet. Right now Tiggit only contains Indie games. Most of the games are free while others include demos. Indie games are independent video games created by individuals or small teams without any financial support. Some of the most popular Indie games include Minecraft, World of Goo and Braid.

Tiggit Indie game installer

Tiggit comes with a very simple interface. The main interface is divided into three columns and four tabs. The first column will list down all the categories or games. If you want to play a game from a specific category, just click on the category and the second column will update to list all the games related to that category. For example, if I want to play a multi-player game, I’ll just click the multi-player category and I’ll be presented with all games which can be played in a multi-player environment.

After selecting the category, you’ll need to select the game which you want to play from the second column. You will get an Install button in the third and right most column. You can click on the Install button and Tiggit will automatically download the game and install it in the computer.

If you look at the main interface of Tiggit, you will notice that there are four tabs at the top of the window.

  1. Freeware
  2. Demos
  3. Installed
  4. Latest News

Each tab is pretty self explanatory. Freeware tab will contain all the game that are free to install and play. The demos tab contains all the paid Indie games which have playable demos. There is no way to buy the actual games from inside Tiggit. Installed tab will list all the installed games. You can start playing installed games by selecting them from the Installed tab. You can see from the tabs that Tiggit currently supports 300+ free games and 30+ demos of the games.

Tiggit game installation error

One thing should be noted that if you are using Windows 7 or Windows Vista, it is recommended to install Tiggit on a drive other than the system drive (C: Drive) because if you are using UAC, Tiggit will not be able to install the downloaded games inside the Program Files folder due to system restrictions.

Updating Tiggit

The good thing about Tiggit is that it can auto-update itself so that you will always get the latest and fresh list of games included in Tiggit. You can see the list of games included in Tiggit here.

My conclusion after playing games from Tiggit is that it is the free game launcher and installer that every game lover should have. What do you think about this nifty game downloader, installer and launcher?

Download Tiggit game installer and launcher