Download Adobe Reader Metro App for Windows 8

If you are looking for a very light weight and quick PDF reader for your Windows 8 or Windows RT device, Adobe Reader Metro App is the perfect solution for you. Adobe Reader has been released in Windows 8 app store.

The Windows 8 desktop version of Adobe Reader XI is already out. Now Adobe has released the Adobe Reader Metro App for Windows 8. The app is available for download for free in the Windows 8 store. The benefit of the Metro app is that you will be able to use it seamlessly on Windows 8 tablets and Windows RT.

Adobe Reader app for Windows 8

The Metro version seems to be a very basic version of Adobe Reader because it does not have a lot of options like the Desktop version. But it is quite fast and opens the documents instantly in full screen mode.

The Adobe Reader app allows controls like zoom in and zoom out of the document, share or email the document, create location bookmarks within PDF documents etc.

Adobe Reader app works on all versions of Windows 8 including x86, x64 and ARM based devices.

Although Windows 8 comes with a built-in PDF reader but a PDF reader from Adobe is always highly recommended especially when it comes with more features than the Windows 8 PDF reader.

Do you know of any other PDF reader which supports Windows 8 Modern UI? Do you prefer to use the Desktop version of Adobe Reader or the Metro one?

Download Adobe Reader Metro for Windows 8