Download Adobe Flash Player 11.4 Offline Installers With Background Updates

Adobe has released Flash Player 11.4. It’s still in beta and will be finalized soon. There are quite a few features added to Flash Player 11.4. The most interesting and highly anticipated feature is the background updates feature. Background updates enables our Flash Player to always be up to date without bugging us of new feature updates, bug fixes and security updates. With background updates enabled, users don’t even need a single click to be updated. All the updates are done seamlessly using the background updates feature. To enable background updates, you will need to select “Allow Adobe to install updates” when installing Flash Player 11.4.

Let’s go through some of the main and exciting features of Flash Player 11.4 and then proceed to download Flash Player 11.4:

Concurrency (ActionScript Workers) — This feature enables developers to off-load certain tasks like high-latency operations and long-running computations to background worker processes which helps in avoiding freezes while playing Flash.

Stage3D constrained mode — A new parameter to Context3D has been introduced called “constrained profile”. Constrained profile allows Stage3D content to run hardware accelerated on more hardware, especially the Intel GMA chipsets. The Starling framework has been updated to be constrained mode ready.

StageVideo.attachCamera — Provides webcam support for StageVideo. This allows developers to leverage GPU acceleration to render webcam video streams.

Camera.copyToByteArray/Camera.copyToVector — Allow efficient copy of the video frames pixels to an existing ByteArray or Vector.

LZMA support for ByteArray — In addition to zlib compression of ByteArray, we are introducing an additional compression type based on LZMA to compress data inside a ByteArray through ByteArray.compress() and ByteArray.uncompress().

Note: Flash Player 11.4 is currently in beta. I am giving the offline installer links for beta software. I will be updating this post when Adobe updates Flash Player 11.4. So stay tuned.

Flash Player 11.4 Offline Installer

Update: Flash Player 11.4 beta 2 has been released and I have updated the direct download links below with the latest ones.

Update: Flash Player 11.4 final has been released. You can download Flash Player 11.4 final offline installers from below:

Download Flash Player 11.4 for Internet Explorer (Windows)

Download Flash Player 11.4 for other browsers (Windows)

Download Flash Player 11.4 (Mac OS)

If you run into problems while installing or running Flash Player 11.4, you can easily uninstall Flash Player.

Download Flash Player Uninstaller

Display Flash Player version

This help page from Adobe will display your Adobe Flash Player version currently installed on your system.

Update: Adobe Flash Player 11.5 has arrived. Please update.