Download A Free Antivirus From Facebook

Guide to Facebook Security

Since Facebook is the most popular platform for social networking, it has been targeted by malware, spyware, viruses, scams and hackers. Facebook even has a page dedicated to security which informs the Facebook users about the latest threats that are hitting the social network and also how to stay safe while using the site. But not many people will try to follow the latest threats hitting Facebook. The users are more concerned about their communications with their friends rather than keeping their eyes on the latest threats. This is why people will get affected by the malware even if it has been caught by Facebook.

In an effort to protect its users, Facebook has recently introduced a new marketplace of popular Antivirus software which the users can download for free. You can go to the Facebook AV marketplace and download any Antivirus of your choice from there. Right now the following Antivirus software are available for free download:

  1. McAfee Internet Security
  2. Microsoft Security Essentials
  3. Norton Antivirus
  4. Sophos Antivirus for Mac
  5. Trend Micro Internet Security for Mac And PC

Although Microsoft Security Essentials is free, it is appreciating to install it on a Windows PC than not having any protection at all. All other Antivirus and Internet Security software are free for a limited time. The time varies between 6 months to 1 year. After that you need to purchase a license to keep using it. The best bet will be to use one Antivirus for 6 months or one year for free and then uninstall it. Go to the Facebook AV download page again and download another one. All of the Antivirus programs listed above contain the following features:

  • Defend against malware with anti–virus, anti–spyware and anti–bot protection.
  • Block spam and dangerous emails with our anti–spam filters.
  • Safeguard your kids from inappropriate content and cyber-bullying.

Please note that if you are already using an Antivirus on your PC, there is no need to download and install one of these Antivirus programs. I hope you enjoy a safe and secure browsing experience with Facebook.