DMaintenance: Automatic Windows Maintenance Software

For regular Windows users, system maintenance tasks are always a priority to keep the system in good shape so that it keeps on performing well. Maintenance tasks include freeing up disk space by deleting temporary files, refreshing the browser settings by deleting the history and other browser data. defragmenting the hard drive etc. All these tasks have to be done manually and we need to set a schedule to complete this maintenance. Usually we use tools like Toolwiz Care and Advanced SystemCare for our maintenance related tasks.

DMaintenance is another tiny, free and portable tool which can be used to automate Windows maintenance tasks. When you run DMaintenance for the first time, you will see the configuration window with a lot of options. You will need to configure DMaintenance once and then it will automatically do the maintenance tasks you have configured upon starting.

DMaintenance configuration

You will see the following options in the left hand pane:

  1. Standard Actions
  2. Custom App Actions
  3. Custom App Config
  4. SMTP Config
  5. Registered Options
  6. Save and Close

Clicking on any link will take you to the respective options. Standard Actions is where all the built-in Windows tools are used to do the maintenance stuff. You will see five categories:

  1. Temp file deletion
  2. Networking
  3. Misc
  4. Internet Explorer
  5. Finish Actions

You need to check the options you want to enable. You will be able to delete temporary files from different folders in Windows. You can also troubleshoot Internet Explorer by resetting its configuration and disabling toolbars and BHOs. Networking maintenance includes resetting winsock and DHCP leases, flushing DNS etc. You can also set DMaintenance such that it will email you whenever the maintenance task has been completed.

The beauty of DMaintenance lies in its extensibility. You can extend the feature set of DMaintenance by using third party apps. DMaintenance gives the option to automatically download third party apps that can be used along with DMaintenance. Just clicking on “Download third party apps” button will automatically download the apps locally on the computer.

DMaintenance Apps Config


Third party apps include tools from Sysinternals, CCleaner, Defraggler and Nirsoft. The download process is quite fast and all the tools will be downloaded in a few seconds (depending upon the Internet speed).

Once all the configuration is done, you will need to hit to “Save and Close” button. When you start DMaintenance again, it will automatically implement the options you had selected in the first run.

Download DMaintenance

Please note that you will need to unzip the downloaded zip file otherwise you will get the following error while saving the configuration:

DMaintenance error

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