Disable File Transfer Warning for Windows Live Messenger

When using the new Windows Live Messenger, the biggest problem that I encounter is the file transfer. It’s very difficult to transfer a file using the default settings because of the security issues. By default, Windows Live Messenger asks for a Virus Scanner to scan the files to be transferred. There are two ways to overcome this problem and get rid of this error or warning message:

“You have chosen to transfer a file which may be unsafe. You must enable virus scanning software to transfer this file.”

Install OneCare Virus Scanner

One method of getting rid of this error message is to install the tool provided by Microsoft i.e, OneCare Virus Scanner. You can install the scanner right from the error message window. Just click on Install button and the scanner will be automatically downloaded and installed. Now this scanner will scan every file before it gets transferred. Sometimes the Install button will be grayed out. In this situation, the next method will work as an alternative.

File Transfer Warning

Disable File Scanning

If you don’t want to install any virus scanner software, then you can disable the file scanner feature.

To disable this feature, do the following:

  • Open Windows Live Messenger, press the Alt-T key to open the Tools Menu.
  • Go to Options and then select File Transfer Menu.
  • Uncheck “Scan files for viruses using:”

This will completely disable the virus scanning feature of Windows Live Messenger.