Dictionary Pop-Up: A Better Dictionary For Firefox

Dictionary Pop-Up is a Firefox add-on which adds a dictionary to Firefox. The user can get the meaning of any word just by double clicking or selecting the word on any opened webpage. The Dictionary Pop Up is an official extension from Dictionary.com.

This add-on is especially useful for people whose vocabulary is weak and they want to improve their English learning experience. The dictionary currently supports English only.

To install this add-on, just go to Firefox Menu –> Add-ons –> Get Add-ons and search for “Dictionary Pop-Up”. Otherwise, you can simply open Dictionary Pop Up add-on link in Firefox which will automatically install the add-on for you.

dictionary extension

The extension does not need Firefox to be restarted. It will start working immediately after installation. To get a meaning of any word, just double-click it and a pop-up will show up immediately with the meaning of the word.

Getting the dictionary pop up by double-clicking a word in Firefox

Dictionary Pop-Up not only displays the meanings of selected words, it will also show the synonyms if available. You can also click the sound icon to let the add-on speak the word for you.

If you want to get more details about the word, just click on the “More” link at the end of pop-up and you will be taken to the webpage from Dictionary.com which has a lot more details about the word.

You can also search for any word directly on dictionary.com by selecting the word, right-clicking and selecting “See word on Dictionary.com”

dictionary.com right-click menu

Overall, I like the concept of having dictionary on the go while browsing the Internet. The pronunciation feature is very good as the user is able to hear how that particular word is pronounced. I have installed this add-on and am using it regularly. Hopefully this will help me improve my English comprehension and spoken skills. What do you use for improving your English learning skills?