Dictionary.NET, Free Dictionary Software With Google Translation

Dictionary of the Frisian Language archive2It is important for some people to have a dictionary with them all the time while using a computer. A free dictionary software can be the best choice which lets you search for words in a single click. This is especially true for people who have to work with non-native languages. If we are online, the default place to go when finding anything is Google. But it is always frustrating to open the browser just to look for a word or translate any text. So I prefer to have the dictionary in my computer which can work online as well as offline.

Dictionary.NET is my latest find. It is a very small and portable software which can be run in Windows. The user interface is not at all helpful and easy to use. You need some time to get familiar with Dictionary.NET. But when you start using it, you’ll absolutely love it.

After downloading, you will need to unzip the software into a separate folder as it needs to create a database file for saving its data and settings. When you start Dictionary.NET, it will automatically get minimized into the system tray. You will need to click on the system tray icon in order to open the dictionary. It took some time to open when I started it for the first time but after that its very smooth and responsive.

Using this great free dictionary software is very easy and fun. You can search any word using your mouse or keyboard without having to open Dictionary.NET every time you need it. Whenever you need to look for a word, select the word and click your middle mouse button. It will open Dictionary.NET with the definitions and translation of the required word. I like the way it shows the definitions of words. You always get a plethora of definitions including the grammar type, pronunciation, web definitions etc.

Dictionary.NET free dictionary software

The biggest feature that I like the most in Dictionary.NET is the audio pronunciation. You can easily get the pronunciation in audio with just one click. You can also bookmark any word that you want to see again for reference.

Dictionary.NET audio pronunciation

Apparently this software extracts everything from Google which is the most popular search engine. The down side of this dictionary is that it does not work in offline mode. But it is always good to have any word automatically translated or defined without having to go to Google and search for definitions.

Dictionary.NET translation

One thing you need to be very careful about is not to change the language of the software unless you know that language otherwise you will not be able to revert it back to English. I mistakenly converted it to Arabic and had to go through a lot of languages to convert it back to English.

Overall I like this free dictionary software because now any word definition or translation is just a single click away. What are your thoughts about this software? Which dictionary software do you use for your needs?

Download Dictionary.NET for Windows (Requires .NET Framework to be installed)