Control Windows Volume Automatically with These 3 Tools

Do you enjoy music while working on your computer? Or are you a movie freak who loves to watch movies at night while other family members are sleeping? Yes, we want to enjoy online TV shows but we do not like the sudden increase in volume when an advertisement flips on. We do not like leaving our work and slow down or up the volume of our media player. There are many multimedia players available but none of them provides automatic adjustment of the windows volume. We will discuss some tools which will adjust the system volume automatically.

Sound Lock Volume Control Tool

Sound lock  is an application that helps you control the volume of your computer by setting the maximum volume limit. Sound lock adjusts the system volume per channel (up to 14 channels) and generates a smooth sound output by lowering the volume during loud scenes. Sound lock application is neither intelligent enough to detect that the sound is inaudible and it should raise the volume nor it can judge an action scene. So how does this application work? Click on the sound lock icon and drag the volume level with the mouse. This level will be set as the maximum and any sound that tries to exceed this limit will be forcibly turned down producing a smooth audio output.

Sound Lock Tool to Control Volume

Although it is not a very advanced tool and the customization options are also very limited but you can adjust some basic filter settings, set output channels and output devices. You can also turn the sound lock off and uplift the restriction on your system volume.  Click on the Off button and enjoy the full volume of your system.

Sound Lock Volume Control Tool Settings

Power Mixer Volume Control Tool

Power Mixer is an audio mixer tool with advanced volume controls. It includes a scheduler, an on-screen display, command line support, the ability to store and recall the volume settings. However, this tool is not free so you may need to think twice before downloading.

Power Mixer Volume Control Tool for Windows

Once downloaded, you have a lot of options to explore with Power Mixer. You can set the keyboard hot keys or configure the mixer to use mouse for adjusting volume. Customize the tray area settings and  various system options like open at startup, remembering the last preset, and advanced windows integration etc. You may want to enjoy high volume at daytime and a lower volume at night, so schedule the volume settings using the Schedule option. You may need to put a little effort to learn how to use this tool but you will have complete control over the system sound by using it properly. Power Mixer Volume Control Tool Scheduler

Download Power Mixer Volume Control

Using Volume Mixer in Windows

Explore your windows and you will find at least one way that can get your task done. Volume Mixer is a utility that comes with your windows and can be found in the Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound ->Sound ->Adjust System Sound . Control Volume using Control Panel Mixer


Or you can access it directly by clicking on the ‘Speaker’ icon in the system tray. Here, you can set the volume for playback devices, recording devices, sounds i.e. Every program that is playing any sound. Let’s say, I have set the maximum volume of Windows Media Player to 25%. Now, I can increase or decrease the volume using the volume bar in Windows Media Player. The volume is decreased when you slow down the music but when you will notice that it does not exceed a certain limit even if you make the maximum volume. This is because you have set the windows media player (which in turn sets the speakers)  to 25% percent. You can enjoy the loud music by making the speaker sound to 100% using the volume mixer.

I hope these tools will be useful for you and I’d like to thank you for reading. Your comments on the article are highly appreciated.