Computer Screen Dims After Logon To Resume From Hibernation In Windows 7

I’ve come across a new problem in Windows 7. I have enabled hibernation so that I can resume my work without opening all the programs again after starting my computer. The problem is that whenever I resume my computer after hibernation and logon to Windows, the screen dims out and I can’t use any of my laptop brightness keys to bring the brightness back.

I was searching for a solution in the Microsoft Knowledge Base and found out the solution. Microsoft confirms that this is a problem with Windows 7 and has issued a hotfix as a solution. I’ve also read that this problem may also occur in Windows 2008 Server which I have never encountered in my server machine because it’s always on and never sleeps 😉

The hotfix can be downloaded from here. One has to give his/her email address on the download page and the hotfix download link will be emailed to the user.