Close All Distracting Applications When Working In Windows

Since I’m a network administrator and a writer, I have to work a lot on computers. When I start working, a lot of times I get distracted by other opened applications and windows like social networking apps, messengers etc. A lot of time is wasted in even closing all these applications. I was finding a way to automate the process of closing all the distracting applications and windows when I start my work and I have found one software.

Undistractr is a small application that can be used for the purpose of closing all the distracting windows. The only problem I see with this application is that it comes with an installer and is not portable. You can download Undistractr from the following location:

Download Undistractr


Using undistractr is very easy but some configurations have to be made manually. After installation, you have to go to the following folder:


And now comes the tricky part. You have to open the file called app.txt. This will be a blank text file. You have to enter the executable name of all the applications that you want to close when using Undistractr. For example, in my app.txt, the following application names are there:





You can get all the executable names from the Task Manager processes tab. Once you have listed all the applications you want to close when working, just open Undistractr and click on the only button “Undistract me“. This will close all the applications immediately.

Download Undistractr

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