Change/Replace Windows 7 System Files

Changing or replacing Windows System Files is a difficult task especially in Windows 7. It requires administrative privileges in order to replace or change the system files in Windows 7. Even if you have administrative privileges, it’s not always possible to replace files as they’re in use and require the system to be restarted in order to replace them but there is no way we can replace the files when the system hasn’t started yet.

Se7en File Replacer comes to rescue in this situation. Se7en File Replacer is a portable program that can replace or change the system files for you with no hassles. You just have to drag the new system file on the GUI interface of Se7en File Replacer and it will search for the file in System32 folder. If found, it will replace it for you. If it didn’t find, then it will give you the option to specify the file to be replaced.

The good thing about Se7en File Replacer is that it can backup and restore the system files so that if anything bad happens, you can always go back to the original state. If the system file is being used by the Operating System and can not be terminated, then it gives an option to replace the file at reboot.