Change Manufacturer, Model No, Support Phone, URL and OEM Logo In Windows 7

Windows 7 OEM Info Editor is a small portable utility which can help you change the manufacturer, model no., support phone, url and OEM logo in Windows 7 System Information.

windows 7 oem info editor

If you have purchased Windows from an OEM source then most probably, when you right click Computer and go to Properties, you’ll find the Manufacturer name, model of the system and logo of the manufacturer there. (Shortcut key to open System Information = Windows Key + Pause/Break). You can easily edit and change the information contained on the System Information screen. Just download Windows 7 OEM Info Editor and run the executable to change the information.

One thing to take care is that you are only allowed to use only BMP images in Logo field and the dimensions of the image should be 120×100 pixels.

Note: It displays an unhandled exception when I run it on my Windows 7 64-bit machine. I suspect that it may not work with 64-bit Operating System. If anyone could verify it, it would be great.