Best Free Software To Change Desktop Wallpaper Automatically In Windows

Desktop wallpaper is the most visually inspiring tool in Windows. We can set free desktop backgrounds according to our moods. I especially like to have wallpapers which lighten up my mood and inspire me to work with full concentration. Windows 7 includes a very good feature to change desktop backgrounds automatically after specified intervals of time without any input from the user. By default, Windows 7 will pick the wallpaper from Pictures folder but you can change it to your liking.

Although Windows 7 comes with the automatic wallpaper changer, it is very basic in nature and does not provide any advanced features. Here I will review several free software that will give you more control over your desktop wallpapers.


WallManager - Change desktop background automatically

WallManager is a very simple and free wallpaper changer which can automatically change the desktop background to your liking. Some of the greatest features of WallManager include the following:

  • custom timer
  • hotkeys to change or delete the current wallpaper
  • add/remove/rename wallpapers by monitoring a custom folder
  • change Aero color to match the current wallpaper
  • automatic choose of wallpaper style based on its resolution

WallManager requires .NET Framework 4 in order to work correctly.

Download WallManager [portable]

[download id=”8″]

John’s Background Switcher

John's wallpaper switcher


John’s Background Switcher is another cool software that will give you more options to change desktop backgrounds automatically. It will automatically scale the wallpapers according to your screen size. And instead of only giving option to set wallpapers from the local drive, it also gives options to pull wallpapers from different Internet sources like Flickr, Facebook, Vladstudio wallpapers, DeviantArt, Photobucket, Picasa and Webshots to name a few. You can also search pictures from Google and Bing image search.

It will sit in your system tray and will automatically change the desktop background after specified intervals of time.

It works with all versions of Windows from Windows 98 to Windows 7 except Windows 7 Starter edition. It also requires .NET framework 2+ in order to work correctly.

Color Desker

Color Desker wallpaper changer

Color Desker is another wallpaper changer with a tweak. It can dynamically update the wallpaper collection when you are connected to the Internet and automatically set your desktop background with the latest wallpaper. It is especially very useful when you want to always see new wallpapers on your desktop. There is no need to download new wallpapers. Color Desker will do it for you. Here’s a video demo of Color Desker:


.NET Framework 4 is required in order for Color Desker to work properly.

Other Wallpaper Changers

Above 3 software are the best software to automatically change the desktop backgrounds but I have tested several others. Here are some of the other free software with similar functionality.

Wallpaper Cycler allows you to manage wallpaper collection in multi-level categories and tags. It also provides a powerful layout feature that lets you create your own custom desktop layouts. The free version of Wallpaper Cycler comes with limited functionality.

Walyk Advanced Wallpaper Manager lets you create your own collection of wallpapers with calendar themes and smart positioning of wallpapers.

Wallpaper Juggler is a free app which lets you download wallpapers from and and change the desktop backgrounds periodically.

Any Wallpaper lets you change Windows wallpaper periodically without any user intervansion.

Wallperizer is another wallpaper changer app with desktop calendar support.

If I have missed any wallpaper manager, please share it through comments below. Which one is your favorite tool to manager wallpapers?