Four Ways To Insert/Eject CD-ROM Tray In Windows

Inserting or Ejecting CD-ROM in the PC CD-ROM trays is not an easy task especially when the computer is placed under a table. We present four ways to insert/eject CD-ROM tray in Windows automatically without pressing the button on the PC. Most of the times the desktop PCs are located under the tables or in … Read more

Control Windows Volume Automatically with These 3 Tools

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Spice Up Your Firefox Experience with These Add-ons

Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers along with Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. The extra spice in Firefox is its ability to extend the browser functionality using add-on and plugins. Firefox can becomes a full productivity suite using these add-on. All add-on of Firefox can be accessed from here. Installing an add-on … Read more

5 Ways to Access Files, Folders and Programs Quickly In Windows

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5 Resources To Download PowerPoint Templates For Free

Microsoft PowerPoint ┬áis, without doubt, the most widely used presentation tool. PowerPoint comes with a default template library so that we can start with a specific design rather than a blank presentation. We can use any template to start working on it. However the default template library is very limited and after giving one or … Read more

3 Free Portable Tools To Change Creation/Modification Date Of Files And Folders

Whenever a file or folder is created in Windows, there are some attributes attached to it like file name, size, location, creation and modification date and time and attributes like if the file or folder is read only, hidden or ready for archiving etc. Windows does not give any way to edit these attributes except … Read more