System Level Spell Checkers For Windows

Spell check was first introduced in Microsoft Word long ago but now spell and grammar checking has become a necessity for almost all applications that we use on any Operating System. Whether we are using a web browser or a notes taking application, we expect it to correct our spellings as we type. But there … Read more

Four Ways To Insert/Eject CD-ROM Tray In Windows

Inserting or Ejecting CD-ROM in the PC CD-ROM trays is not an easy task especially when the computer is placed under a table. We present four ways to insert/eject CD-ROM tray in Windows automatically without pressing the button on the PC. Most of the times the desktop PCs are located under the tables or in … Read more

3 Free Tools To Password Protect PDF Files

Portable Document Format (PDF) is the most widely used standard to share documents across the web and different platforms. The greatest feature of PDF file is that it looks the same across any platform and in any environment. PDF format is the perfect format to share documents across multiple platforms. There are several features of … Read more

3 Free Portable Tools To Change Creation/Modification Date Of Files And Folders

Whenever a file or folder is created in Windows, there are some attributes attached to it like file name, size, location, creation and modification date and time and attributes like if the file or folder is read only, hidden or ready for archiving etc. Windows does not give any way to edit these attributes except … Read more