Three Ways To Enable Windows 8 Hibernate Option

Hibernation is a great feature of Windows which was introduced in Windows XP. Hibernation enables Windows to save all the data in RAM to the hard drive so that the computer can be shutdown without losing the current state of the system. When the user wants to start the computer again, Windows will attempt to…

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3 Free Advanced Windows Volume Control Alternatives

Windows Volume Control is a program in Windows which lets you manage the sound devices installed in Windows. Windows Volume control has has always been a very simple tool that lets you manage the sound volume high or low, select the default sound device and very simple mixing settings. Windows 7 introduced a tweaked version…


8 Best Free Windows Driver Backup Tools

Backing up your data is the most important aspect of the digital world because electronics is never reliable and can fail anytime. Same is the case with software. It gets corrupted by the passage of time no matter how carefully we use it. One important aspect of Windows is the device drivers. Windows needs software…