Creating Virtual Machines In VirtualBox [Complete Guide][Windows]

A virtual machine can be understood as  software implementation of  the Operating System over your existing computer system (consisting of hardware and software). This means that you can make a virtual machine and install the latest version of Windows 8 on your PC running on Windows 7. These are known as the ‘Guest Operating Systems’ … Read more

5 Resources To Download PowerPoint Templates For Free

Microsoft PowerPoint  is, without doubt, the most widely used presentation tool. PowerPoint comes with a default template library so that we can start with a specific design rather than a blank presentation. We can use any template to start working on it. However the default template library is very limited and after giving one or … Read more

Three Ways To Enable Windows 8 Hibernate Option

Hibernation is a great feature of Windows which was introduced in Windows XP. Hibernation enables Windows to save all the data in RAM to the hard drive so that the computer can be shutdown without losing the current state of the system. When the user wants to start the computer again, Windows will attempt to … Read more

3 Free OCR Software to Extract Text from Images

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a technique that can be used to extract text from images. This technique is useful for converting scanned documents to searchable and editable formats. Although there are many paid software available for the OCR such as Nuance OmniPage, but this option is quite expensive because the paid software for OCR … Read more