Windows Live Writer Has Encountered a Problem: Cannot Access a Disposed Object

Windows Live Writer is the most popular blog writing software available today. There are many other competitors but WLW seems to be the best among the free software. The features of Windows Live Writer have tremendously been enhanced in the last few versions of the software. It is available for download as a part of Windows Live Essentials suite.

Windows Live Writer is preferred over online blog editors like the built in editor in WordPress because of its ease of use. You can easily drag and drop media like pictures and embed videos in the posts from all popular video sharing sites like Youtube or even upload your own videos through WLW.

Today while using Windows Live Writer, I encountered the following error message:

Windows Live Writer has stopped working

Unexpected Error Occurred An unexpected error has occurred within the application.

Windows Live Writer has stopped working

The only two options were Send Report and Do Not Send Report. While investigation the error details further, I found the following technical error details:

Windows Live Writer Has Encountered a Problem: Cannot Access a Disposed Object

Still clueless, I decided to search Google for the problem solution (using let me Google that for you)but was disappointed that there was no solution or even a hint available on the web or Google couldn’t find one.

This error was coming no matter how many times I would close and open Windows Live Writer. I never wanted to restart the computer as there was a plethora of apps open which would take a long time to open again if the computer was restarted. By the way I always hibernate my computer and restart it only after long periods of time.

Going deep into the matter and finding what was running on my PC, I opened Windows Task Manager processes tab. Finally found that WindowsLiveWriter.exe *32 process was the cause of the problem. It was not terminating when the close of WLW window.

Windows Task Manager WLW process not terminating

I killed the process manually by right clicking it and selecting End Process Tree.

WLW end process tree

This time Windows Live Writer opened successfully. May be I should think of taking a backup of my Windows Live Writer settings and data.

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