Block Internet Access To Specific Programs In Windows

Windows comes with a good firewall which can be useful for blocking a lot of basic hacking attacks. The built-in Windows Firewall was first introduced with Windows XP and then improved its way to Windows 7. Windows 7 Firewall is an advanced version of Windows Firewall. By default, Windows Firewall will block all the unknown programs to access the Internet. It will always ask the user for permission to allow the program to access the Internet. You can set different advanced rules for any scenario.

Allow programs to communicate through the Internet

If you want to block Internet access to a specific program, you will need to go advanced. It becomes a bit technical and complex to block custom programs in Windows 7 Firewall. To block Internet access to a program in Windows 7, go to Control Panel –> System and Security –> Windows Firewall –> Allowed Programs. You will need to remove the program from the list so that it does not have access to the Internet. There is not much you can do with the functionality of Windows Firewall.

Firewall App Blocker is a portable program that can extend the functionality of Windows Firewall and allow you to block specific programs to access the Internet instead of the default behavior of allowing programs in Windows Firewall. Firewall App Blocker comes with a very simple interface which even a newbie can also operate. When you open Firewall App Blocker for the first time in Windows 7, it will give a UAC warning which you have to say yes to. The main interface of Firewall App Blocker has four buttons in which only two buttons have to be used for the actual functioning of the software.

Firewall App Blocker

The Add button will open up file selection dialog box from where you can browse the desired executable which you want to block access to the Internet. The Delete button will remove the selected program from the block list. The Advanced button will open Microsoft Management Console for Windows Firewall. This MMC is an advanced function of Windows Firewall from which you can setup different policies for the Firewall. The About button will give you information about Firewall App Blocker.

Firewall rules in Windows Registry

Behind the scenes, Firewall App Blocker makes use of the following registry key to add the programs to the Windows Firewall block list:


If you have advanced knowledge of how to work with Windows registry, you can make your own Firewall rules using the above registry key.

In my opinion Firewall App Blocker is a handy program to have if you work frequently with Windows Firewall. It makes difficult tasks of blocking internet access to specific programs in Windows a lot easier and straight forward.

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