Block Internet Access For One Or More Programs Without Using Any Software

Here I am giving a trick for Windows users to block internet for all applications and for a specific program.

The Microsoft has developed a built in Windows Firewall with Advanced Security in Window Vista and later operating systems. All the traffic whether inbound or outbound passes through firewall first. There is a way by which we can block any program’s internet access and all program’s access to internet.

Block Internet Access for ALL Programs

  • Click start orb in Windows Vista/7 type firewall in search program and files field box and you will see the top option of Windows Firewall with Advanced Security. For Windows 8 users, open the WinKey+ R to launch RUN and type WF.msc
  • When the interface opens click Outbound Rules
  • Search for the Core Networking – DNS (UDP-Out) entry
  • Double click on it,which opens the Properties page
  • Select the Block the connection radio button, This options now block all the internet access of all programs

To allow again double click on the Core Networking – DNS (UDP-Out) entry to open its properties page and click Allow the Connection.

Block Internet Access for a Specific Program

  • Open the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security with the above mentioned procedure.
  • Click on New Rule link available in the right Actions column.
  • The Program radio button is selected by default, click Next
  • Click Browse and select the application (.exe ) file and click Open. The program path will be listed in the field box. Click Next

block internet access for a specific program

  • In this window Block the Connection box is selected by default,click Next
  • Check the Private and Public boxes only, un-select the Domain check box, Click Next
  • Specify the name of the application in the Name: field, this will help you to unblock the internet access for selected program, click Finish. Now you have blocked the program access to internet.

Now when you want to unblock or give internet access for the program, remove the specific entry by right click and then Delete, or open its properties page by right click and then select Properties and click Allow the connection

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