Bitdefender Safebox, An Alternative To Dropbox Cloud Storage

Bitdefender, the maker of the PC security products has released a Dropbox alternative, Bitdefender Safebox. Bitdefender Safebox offers users 2 GB of free online storage with an option to upgrade it up to 60 GB. The free storage is equal to the storage offered by Dropbox. The software can be installed on a Windows PC and can synchronize selective folders online with the cloud storage.

The beauty of Safebox is that it can synchronize any folder of your choice and the interface is very easy and simple. Just drag and drop the folder which you want to synchronize and it will be added to the list.

You can access all the data synchronized by Bitdefender Safebox from other devices with Internet access. Right now Windows and Android are fully supported devices with the support for iOS in the queue. You can also securely share the files in your Safebox account.

Bitdefender Safebox

According to the Product Manager Cosmin Sandu “With just a click, users can sync, store and share documents with any number of friends. Throughout the product design and beta testing, we emphasized user convenience and ease of use. Safebox offers a perfect solution to prevent data loss as well.”

In my opinion Bitdefender Safebox is just another addition in the line of products offering cloud storage like Dropbox. Safebox cannot replace Dropbox as of yet because Dropbox offers far more features than Safebox. Safebox has to improve a lot in order to compete with Dropbox.

Although Safebox offers real time synchronization just like Dropbox but the bandwidth used by Safebox cannot be controlled. Another limitation of Safebox is that it cannot synchronize sub-folders.

There is one feature that mobile users will love. Bitdefender Safebox allows users to access some of their important files offline. For accessing any file offline, you just have to add it in your favorites and it will be available offline on your mobile device.

Bitdefender Safebox also has the versioning feature. You can save different versions of your files and revert back to a previous version if the current version is undesirable.

Download Bitdefender Safebox for Windows

If you get the following error message after installing Bitdefender Safebox, just click OK and everything will work fine.

Windows security alert on Bitdefender Safebox installation

“A program or firewall is not compatible with this version of Windows”

If the program is a firewall, it might not be adequately protecting your computer. Uninstall your firewall, but to help make your computer more secure, keep Windows Firewall turned on until you install a firewall that is compatible with this version of Windows.