Free Dropbox Alternative With Unlimited Storage Space

Online cloud storage and synchronization has become a necessity and up until now, Dropbox is the easiest, the best and the most popular online storage service with instant synchronization option. With the boom in online storage and cloud computing, lot of companies are offering cloud storage solutions including Google which is offering Google Drive or Microsoft which is offering SkyDrive. Other companies include Bitdefender which is offering Safebox. All these companies offer a small amount of storage for free and if you need more storage, you’ll need to go for a paid package of the cloud storage solution. In the previous year, I have already reviewed 3 free online storage solutions which includes Dropbox, Windows Live Mesh (Now SkyDrive) and SpiderOak.

Today I want to talk about a free alternative to Dropbox or any other similar service with a distinction that it offers unlimited storage option. It is not limited to a few GBs of storage but now you can synchronize and backup Terabytes of your important data including audio and video.

BitcasaYes, I’m talking about Bitcasa, a new cloud storage service which offers unlimited storage for free. You will only need to register for an account on Bitcasa and follow the steps below in order to start using Bitcasa unlimited storage.

  1. Download Bitcasa client for Windows, Linux or Mac and install it on your computer. The installation process is straight forward and does not require any configuration.
  2. Signup for an account of Bitcasa. You can also signup with your Facebook or Twitter account.
  3. When you start Bitcasa client for the first time, you’ll need to login to your account that you had registered in step two.
  4. Bitcasa sits in your system tray. You can right click the icon and select “Show Bitcasa” in order to open the client.
  5. In the left hand pane, select Add and then select the folder you want to backup in the cloud.
  6. After selecting the folder, you will get three options: Infinite Storage, Sync and Backup
    Bitcasa infinite storage
    Infinite storage: The folder will appear in the computer as normal folder but it will be streamed from Bitcasa cloud storage. The folder will remain virtually unlimited in size.
    Sync: The folder will be synchronized between different devices and the data will also remain safe on Bitcasa servers.
    Backup: The folder will be backed up regularly on Bitcasa cloud storage. The folder will also stay in the local computer as well as on the cloud storage.
  7. This is all. Bitcasa client will work to automatically synchronize all the selected folders according to your choice. You don’t need to do anything else.

Tip: You can also right click any folder and select the Bitcasa options in order to synchronize the folder immediately. This will save you from step 6.

I have been using Bitcasa storage for a while now and haven’t came across any issues yet. The best thing about this service is that it is offering unlimited storage absolutely free of cost. Which cloud storage services are you using right now? Will Bitcasa replace your current service? Please share your thoughts in comments below.

16 thoughts on “Free Dropbox Alternative With Unlimited Storage Space”

  1. The Free and Unlimited features sound great! However, when I tried to sign up I had three options per the following:

    1. Free membership for 10G
    2. $10/month for Infinite storage and backup
    3. $99/year for Infinite storage and backup

    How come I do not have an option for free, unlimited storage as stated above? Am I missing something during my sign up? Thanks.

    • Actually I wrote this article when Bitcasa was in Beta and everything was free. Now they have put a price for unlimited option to prevent misuse of their service. I think it’s worth a look even if it costs $10 for unlimited storage. There is no competitor which is giving unlimited storage so cheaply.

  2. This sounds like a wonderful service… at first, anyway. I would NEVER place ANY of my data on “the cloud” unless it was first encrypted with a very strong cypher (by me– not by them). The fact that you have to download an application to use this service is suspicious to me– this allows access to everything in your user account (and possibly on your computer)– and this can happen in the background without your knowledge. Something that sounds too good to be true, is probably some kind of a scam. It costs a lot of money to put up these servers, and to allow UNLIMITED storage– well, THAT is really expensive. One has to ask, how are they achieving a return on their investment?

    • You have raised some very valid and interesting points KWP. But I would argue about the unlimited storage that the service is still in beta and when it is graduated, they’ll put up a price tag for this unlimited storage. Until then it’s free.

      Which cloud storage service do you prefer? Any suggestion for us?

      • I don’t believe in “cloud storage”. The only time it is useful is if you want to place some encrypted files for later retrieval (because, for example, you are crossing back into the USA, and you don’t want to share your data with overly nosy US customs agents). In this case, I would use three of them– hoping that one would still have my files when I got home. This can be done (before you leave home) by removing the hard drive from your laptop, and putting Puppy Linux on a CD-Rom (assuming your laptop can read a CD-Rom). This allows you to surf the ‘net, check your emails, entertain yourself, and do some work. If you want to keep anything before shutting off the laptop, encrypt it and put it up on DropBox (et al). The next time the laptop boots, it is a “clean” system. If you don’t have access to the Internet for the moment, then put the encrypted file on a thumb drive, and store that in a safe place on your person– until you can upload the encrypted file before you leave for home– (the thumb drive could be confiscated too– but if you have a copy on the Internet somewhere, what have you lost, really?)

        For security reasons, I have no other use for “cloud storage”– UNLESS, there is an open-source way to do it, and MY computer encrypts the files with a very strong cypher before they ever touch the Internet– (in other words, I am not forced to use their client to use the storage).

        Another method is to draft an email on your web-based email (for example, GMail)– and attach your encrypted file to the email. Don’t send it to anyone– just keep it in your “drafts” folder. When you get home, you can download the attachment and then permanently delete the draft email. Using this method (with GMail especially), you can store gigabytes of information for later retrieval.

        • I do agree with you about the encryption of content before uploading it to the cloud. But the cloud has become so important that we can’t just leave it and say we don’t believe in cloud storage. In my opinion, it is a reality and the future of storage will certainly be cloud storage. Windows 8 comes with a cloud and so does Windows Server 2012. I’m not sure about Linux or Mac.

  3. Here are more:
    – SpiderOak ( Free with limited functionality
    – SugarSync ( Free with limited functionality
    – Wuala ( Free

    All of these have support for: Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Online
    Only SugarSync supports Windows Mobile and BlackBerry

    • CloudHQ doesn’t seem to be a cloud storage service. It is a service to sync your files across different cloud storage services. The down side of CloudHQ is that it doesn’t have a free package.

  4. Great find. The best thing about this service is that it’s FREE :-D. One question though, does it support LAN sync? I have many devices at home and don’t want all my Internet bandwidth to be eaten up by Bitcasa?

    • Thanks for a useful comment Johny. I have two devices at home and am using the Sync option of Bitcasa (see step 6) but it seems that both of my devices are using the Internet for sync. I’m not sure whether LAN sync is supported or not but it seems it’s not supported yet.


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