Bing Getting Social By Integrating Facebook In Search Results

Bing partnered with Facebook a few months back in order to provide an improved search experience by integrating Facebook results in Bing. Now Bing has implemented some of the social features. Bing has introduced Liked Results feature in their search engine some time back and now they have introduced the annotate feature to annotate any URL that was returned in the search results.

We all know that Facebook Like is a feature that many sites use to socialize the user experience. Bing has done the same but with the search results. Liked results works as if you are searching for something in Bing and a Facebook friend of yours has already shared or liked a link in the search results, you will be shown Liked by your friend notification under the link and now you can add annotations on that particular link.

This feature is currently only restricted to the US users of Bing and Facebook. And even if you’re in the US, you may not get this feature on every search query. It largely depends upon the no. of your friends in Facebook and their links sharing level. See the image below to see how this feature actually looks like on the search page.

bing facebook integration

While this may be a good direction Bing is heading in, they may also consider Twitter in their search results like Google is doing at this time. Facebook gives a more social and sometimes very interactive experience, Twitter is more likely to be relevant to what actually a user is looking for. I hope Bing gets gets everything right to compete with Google. What are your thoughts about this feature?

[via the Bing blog]

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