Best Personal Finance Apps for Android 2018

Home budget tracking is an important task for every person who wants to run the house finance successfully. Otherwise, if the budget is not controlled, sooner or later, unnecessary spending and not tracking would lead to financial problems. Since smartphones are so common nowadays, it becomes very easy to track home budget on the go using your cell phones. This article talks about the best personal finance apps for Android which can be used to track and control your spending.

Tired of keeping a track of your budget and still getting it wrong at the end of month or what if you forgot to add an expenditure and now you are wondering where the money went. No worries we have you covered use any of the apps given below and start keeping track of you budget smartly.

Mint | Free | Visual information with graphs and tables

Mint is a great app that helps you to keep a record of your finances and helps you analyze your budget.It is pretty simple to use, just sign up, link it with your bank account by providing information of your bank account and credit card number. It connects you with your bank and lets you know all about your transactions, all your bill due dates. Just search you bank and then you give your card number to sync in with mint.

So now you can see all your bank information. It automatically categorizes your pay checks and tells you where you have spent your money. It gives you a pie chart of all your spending of home, work, and investments and then you will know the ratio of where you have spent more. You can add a budget for various categories and it sends you alerts if you go over the budget. You can set alerts for bill due dates, alerts on large purchases. You can get to know about balances by simply sending a text message to mint and it tells you about balance.

Wally+ | Free | Visual budget tracking with reminders

Another budget tracking app in line is Wally+. It helps you to keep track of all your spending. It manually lets you add the amount of money you spent while buying something or you can also take the picture of you receipt and keep it as a record. It also lets you put a budget for the month and the amount of money you want to save from your monthly income.

It then provides you recommendations about how much money you should spent to get most savings. It also lets you analyze that on which category you have spent the most money. You can also personalize it to remind you daily to put in your expenditures if you forget.

Monefy | Free | The best overall for visual money management

Monefy is another simple app for sorting your budget, it helps you keep record of your monthly budget. You can add new records extremely fast, you can customize your own categories. It has really cool widgets that you can add on the home screen or lock screen for accessing it quickly. One of the things that makes it a bit different is the in built calculator, so you don’t have to switch apps to calculate your budget.

You can select any currency you want. You can get detailed information from the informative chart from the record lists. It also provides protection by providing an in built app password .

Goodbudget | Free | Good for family

Goodbudget is an app for the old-school out there. It is designed on the idea of using envelopes to store money and label them like bills, rent, fun etc. just like the old times. By turning this idea to an app it makes it a user-friendly app for people who are not too familiar with technology but still want a smart way to analyze their finances.

It’s simple to use, you just sign up on good budget and click the add envelope button, label it and then add the amount of money you want to keep aside for it. Now add accounts, income credit card number and it gives you a budget for the month. You fill your envelopes and now you can make transactions and start spending them. You can also keep aside one envelope for savings and name it vacation, car etc.

Splitwise | Free | Good for shared and split finance management

Going out with friends or planning a vacation with your entire family or if you want to split the bills or rent among your roommates, and you want to keep track of the amount that is to be split among each member, then this app is for you. This app is helpful if you don’t want to take up that fussy responsibility. You can add various groups with different friends. Label a new group and select a category like trip, house etc. and add members by inviting them to split wise, now add the budget and split it among your friends by different percentages.

You can add and subtract various expenses and then it tells you how much you owe to whom or whom you lent the money to and then you can settle it with that person.