Best Internet Security Software for Windows 10

Facing a Computer full of viruses and malware is the worst nightmare for many! So why not protect your Windows 10 by downloading a security software!

What is a security software?

A software that you download to protect your Windows 10 from getting corrupted and losing your data is a security software. When you do not have an antivirus installed on your computer, you are prone to attacks from viruses, Trojan horses, worms and many other forms of invasive software that can attack your computer’s  configuration and get hold of your personal data, deleting system files, and even getting access into other computers on the network.  The general concept that people have is that their Windows has protection and that is enough since they are browsing safely. Some people assume that when they are careful with USB usage they will be able to prevent any harm coming to their computers.

Why do you need Internet security software for Windows 10?

Antivirus software are the key to your computer’s protection. How much ever you may try to protect your computer from coming to harm, cybercriminals are on the loose and they might attack your computer. Some of the reasons that will convince you about the need of security software for your Windows 10 are:

  • Your computer may have exposure to fraud, security software will protect you from intrusions.
  • It will prevent your computer from any kind of attacks.
  • It will give Rootkit protection so that any malware will not get the opportunity to embed in your system files.
  • You will be getting Bot Protection, that is if there is any cyber criminal how is trying to get remote access to your Windows 10, will not be able to fulfill his attempt.
  • The security software will give your Windows 10 Worm protection. This means that it will protect your network. Worms attach network and then ultimately reach to computer files and infect all the computers on the network.

Internet Security software to download for Windows 10

These software has been ranked as the most trusted software who give value for the money spent on them. The criteria that were used for judging are:

  1. Superior detection
  2. Parental controls
  3. Virus detection and Removal
  4. Safe banking
  5. Easy install
  6. Loss of computer resource
  7. Ransomware
  8. Firewall
  9. Password Manager
  10. Online Backup
  11. Live Chat
  12. Weekday and weekend support

Bitdefender Internet Security:

This is an amazing antivirus software for your Windows 10. It protects against viruses that may attack system and malware. Its database has been built using algorithms from 500 million users and is updated in real time to be aware of all possible and newer threats. It has been ranked as the best software due to its detection and efficient performance. The only con that was found was that it does not have any online backup option, and if you want to avail online backup facility, you need to buy a higher priced version that is Bitdefender Total Security software.

Norton security Deluxe

Norton is one of the most oldest providers of security. It is, therefore, a great choice for your Windows 10. They are one of the most celebrated security providers. They have a variety of packages to select from and are really good at firewall and virus protection. Norton provides protection for up to 5 devices at once. It has a personal firewall and parental controls which helps parents keep a check. Norton Security is compatible with all the operating software and devices. The only drawback is that it has no protection against attacks and threats from social networks.

Kapersky Labs Internet Security

As the name suggests this security software is a total package. It protects your Windows 10, from all virus, malware, and stealthy attacks.  It also protects your children from inappropriate content and at the same time ensures that all your passwords are safe. Kapersky also has a constant online back up that protects your files from being lost. The software also has malware protection along with the firewall to prevent insecure connection to approach your PC. It also has a virtual keyboard and that prevents keyloggers from tracing passwords and later hacking your accounts. Though it is a secure option it does not provide password vault. Password vault can be created when you purchase the higher priced version.

Trend Micro

This security software protects the computer from malware, ransomware and all potential threats that could hack your system files. It also strengthens the system against the possible weak points. The only issue that the users have complained about is that it causes the system to lag, which in turn slows down the system’s performance. It provides premium security and is also compatible with Android mobile devices. It is quite effective in identifying threats and protecting the system. They have a very responsive live tech support even on the weekends.

Bull Guard Internet Security

It is quite an efficient security software, that helps identify the possible weak points of the system. It helps strengthen them against, malware, virus, and ransomware. BullGaurd is able to secure all possible leaks from which the hackers can attack. It is better than the free and general security software that is a part of the operating system. The major flaw as reported by the users is that it slows down the computer quite noticeably and it does not have a password manager. They are not pro in detecting fairly newer threats and that is the only major weak point.

Consequently, it is upon the user to decide the one security software that is the best fit for his requirements.