Best Download Managers For Windows

A download manager is a computer program whose basic function is to download files from internet. They are different from the World Wide Web browsers as they do not intend to browse web pages. Instead, the download manager is indented to grab all the useful material, files, favorite audios and videos from the internet and save those files to your hard drive. Yes, we may download the stuff from any website.

Why use a download manager?

Why do we need any separate software or download manager then? And to answer this, we examined different download managers and sorted out the following features as the most important reasons for installing a download manager.

  • You can easily pause and resume your downloads.
  • You can use mirror download option (downloading the same file from different sites).
  • You can easily keep a track of downloads.
  • Queue up the files to be downloaded so that all the files are downloaded one at a time.
  • They are also used for advertisement purposes.
  • Configure the settings once and schedule downloads on regular intervals.
  • Download Managers are so programmed that they can efficiently download large files without affecting the Internet activities. So you can easily configure your download manager such that you can still browse the Internet while the files are being downloaded. Otherwise, if you are using the default web browser download manager, it will just eat up all the Internet bandwidth.

1- Flash Get Download Manager


FlashGet is a popular download manager which uses very less system resources. It uses MHT(Multi-server Hyper-threading Transportation) technique and optimization arithmetic  to increase download rates up to 5-6 times. It supports various protocols including HTTP, FTP, BitTorrent, MMS and RTSP. All advanced features like pause, resume, schedule, file splitting etc. are supported and anti-virus scanning is also integrated to make sure that you are downloading a virus-free file. Its interface is quite professional and clean as compared to other download managers. Resource Center updates you and recommends the top downloads. You will see a flash icon, after installation which can be placed anywhere on the screen. This icon can be used to monitor downloads, start a new download, pause/resume them and some other options.

Download FlashGet

2- Download Accelerator Plus:

Try the Download Accelerate Plus and accelerate your downloads powered by the advanced patented technology. It is recognized by more than 285 million users all over the globe. Download Accelerator Plus

The best thing about DAP is its automatic search for the fastest download sources and switching to faster mirror sites while downloading. DAP 10 is upgraded to a more smoother and responsive download manager by adding new features in it. Customize the DAP 10 using the add-ons and select the features of your choice. DAP link checker enables you to get the information about the file you want to download, before you download it. So, you won’t be wasting your time trying on broken, expired or removed links. DAPsters Manager is definitely a new relaxing feature that will wait for the availability of files from hosting sites and execute downloads for you. File shredder, trace cleaner and private downloads are great features that are offered in the premium version only. It is available in more than 42 languages. To wrap up, DAP 10 is faster, easy and a must have for your system!

Download Download Accelerator Plus

3- Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager is another popular standalone download manager. It has a simple user interface that offers scheduled downloading, pause/resume and some other features. FDM splits the file into multiple parts and then download it from parallel servers to accelerate download process. It supports the most commonly used browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. Another notable feature is the ability to download flash videos from YouTube, MySpace etc. and convert them into another video format. Once you have downloaded the file, you may like to make comment on it using the ‘Community Opinion’ option. A built-in upload manager will assist you share files with friends, family and co-workers. Its appearance is similar to DAP manager. However, the Dropbox option is different and pleasing, of course. It will also offer you if you want to import downloads from other download managers so you can uninstall every other download manager other than this.

Download Free Download Manger

4- Orbit Downloader:

Orbit Downloader

We have already listed the best and popular download managers, why should we include any other name in the list then? What makes Orbit Downloader significant and a must-have? It is the catchy yet safe, P2P download technology and the fast social media download in the Orbit Downloader. It is a resource-friendly program and supports variety of browsers, RapidShare and MetaLink downloads.  Grab Pro is a special tool for Internet Explorer  to break anti-leeching technology used by social media, download and file sharing sites. It will appear below the menu-bar. To enable Grab Pro, you need to go to Add-ons , select Grab Pro and choose enable.

Download Orbit Downloader

5- Microsoft Download Manager:

It is always a preferred choice to use software from the company that provides the Operating System. We have this ease for download managers now, as Microsoft is offering Microsoft Download Manager. It was specifically designed to support downloading from supporting Microsoft websites. An easy to use interface will let you interact with the download manager comfortably.

Microsoft Download Manager

It is a set up of only 1.3.MB.It supports pause, resume, automatic retries and multiple downloads simultaneously. However, there’s a lot more it lacks… there is no browser integration so copy, paste the link manually before you download it. It is a really simple download manager and does not compete with the most popular download managers in the market.

Get Microsoft Download Manager

While research about this article, we have been able to find so many download managers. All the download managers can’t be reviewed in this article but we will list them for you. All the download managers have one thing in common, they are free and will run on Windows for sure 🙂

JDownloader is a free and open-source download manager with a huge developer community. It supports start, stop, pause downloads, bandwidth limitations, auto-extract archives and much more.
DownThemAll is a free and very powerful download manager add-on for Firefox.

pyLoad is a fast, lightweight and full featured download manager for many One-Click-Hoster, container formats like DLC, video sites or just plain http/ftp links.

Internet Download Accelerator is a free alternative to the paid Internet Download Manager offering the same set of features as IDM does.

DownTango is a new download manager with an easy to use interface and Windows 8 compatible. It’s the best for newbie users.

MultiGet is an easy to use file downloader programmed in C++. It supports both HTTP and FTP protocols.

Fileserve Manager is an all in one download tool that can increase the speed and stability of your downloads while optimizing your system resources.

Which download manager are you going to choose? Share your recommendations so that we may include them in this list.

5 thoughts on “Best Download Managers For Windows”

  1. I tried to use DownTango but was not successful. Although the download and installation is successful, DownTango CANNOT automatically pick the download link from the browser. I am currently using Chrome and DownTango is not integrated?

  2. I use FDM it is good and all features that a averge user wants. some time ago I use Flash get it is good but I found some problems on it but I am not test new version of it.

    • I’m in love with Internet Download Accelerator (IDA). Actually in my opinion, we get used to one download manager after sometime and the always prefer it all the way through.

      I used to use Internet Download Manager but stopped using it because I wanted to shift from a paid app to a free one. I have always installed DownThemAll for Firefox but wasn’t satisfied as it would slow down the browser..


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