5 Free Benchmarking Tools That Support Windows 8

Benchmarking tools are basically the tools that evaluate different aspects of your system and produce a report that tells you about the performance of your system. These benchmark tools are of great help whenever you want to buy a new system or want to switch between different technologies. Some of them are freeware and others provide trial editions, or basic edition as a freeware. Before performing any benchmarking tests, please make sure that nothing other than the benchmarking software is running on the system. This will make sure that the correct benchmarks are provided by the software.

1-Heaven DX11 – Benchmark your GPU

Heaven DX 11-bnbenchmark

Heaven Benchmark is a DirectX 11 GPU benchmark based on advanced UNIGINE engine. This benchmark has a fun interface that would let you interact through walk/fly modes. HeavenDX 11 should be a choice only if you are willing to check the limits of your hardware. It is an extreme hardware stability test that supports DirectX 9, DirectX 10, DirectX 11 and OpenGL 4.0. One of the noteworthy features is the support of multi-monitor configurations and the Stereo 3D modes. You would definitely love the simulations when it scatters the light through dynamic sky and the simulation of day-night shift. However, the most distinguishing feature of Heaven DX 11 is the ‘Hardware Tessellation’. Hardware tessellation divides the polygons into smaller and finer pieces automatically to grasp a drastically detailed look of the games.


HeavenDX 11 comes in the basic and professional edition. The basic edition is free and is suitable for home users. But, it is a really heavy set up of more than 200+ MB.

Download the basic edition

2- Boot Racer – Calculate Windows Boot Time


Everybody hates the few minutes time our system takes to boot. All of us want to press the button and see the desktop right away. Isn’t it so? Boot Racer helps you evaluate the start-up performance of your PC or laptop. It calculates your Windows boot time and logs all the results to compose the history report. This history of events can be checked using the Windows Event Viewer. Run Boot Racer after uninstalling any heavy software from your system to see the difference in your boot time. (Well, sometimes we forget to delete the un-necessary software). It uses minimum computer resources requiring only 6MB for installation. So, next time you make a choice about buying any system do not forget to run the Boot Racer on it to avoid future frustrations.

Download BootRacer

3- PC Mark 7/3D Mark 11 – General Purpose All In One Benchmarking


FutureMark is well-known for its best performing benchmarks to mark up your PC’s performance. PC Mark 7 includes a wide range of tests covering storage, computation, image and video manipulation, web-browsing and gaming. However, these tests are not available in the basic free edition. Rather, it is just an overall system performance that is evaluated and scored using the free edition.

Download PC Mark 7

3D Mark 11 is another video card benchmark by the FutureMark. You can choose either HeavenDX 11 or 3D Mark that is aimed to test how good your gaming experience will be. It uses most of the features of DirectX 11 including tessellation, compute shaders and multi-threading. It is very popular among the gamers worldwide.

Get the free edition now!

4- Nova Bench – An All In One Benchmarking Utility


You can not forget NovaBench when talking about the free benchmarks available. Nova Bench is an all rounder benchmark and can tell about your overall system performance like the processing speed, graphics performance and the read/write performance of your hard drive.

It has a really simple interface to run the tests. The test menu has many options including the system test without graphics and many others. When the test is completed, it will generate a report. You can save the report as well and share it with the online community. Since the test is not intensive in nature so it’s completely safe for your system and you can run it whenever you want.

Get NovaBench

5- Maxon CineBench – Graphics And CPU Performance Tests


Maxon Cinebench is a platform test suite that is based on MAXON’s award-winning animation software CINEMA 4D. CineBench helps you find out the graphics card and the CPU processing speed. It creates a test scenario which uses all of your system’s performance to generate a photo-realistic 3D scene which is based on algorithms that can stress all available processor cores.

CineBench is a must have tool for those who want to test their hardware seriously. It also provides a command line option for the advanced users. It is a heavy set-up of 146 MB.

Download Cinebench

This was all for today! Which benchmarks do you use and how was your experience with them? Let us know about your choice.

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