How To Backup Windows Registry Automatically (Scheduled Backups)

Windows Registry is the most important yet the most sensitive and delicate component of Windows Operating System. The Registry is a database which contains all the settings and configurations of the Operating System and application software.

Since Windows Registry is very important, it should be backed up regularly in order to save yourself from unexpected disasters. In most cases where Windows crashes, restoring the Registry to a prior date will fix the problems.

If you are using the Windows Registry Editor, you can easily export the whole registry database to backup the Registry. But this work has to be done manually and regularly. Windows does not provide any way to automatically backup the Registry on regular intervals except with System Restore.

ERUNT backup folder selection

The Emergency Recovery Utility for Windows NT (ERUNT) is a free software that can do the job of automatically backing up the Windows Registry. It can also restore the backups created with ERUNT.

Download link to ERUNT is available at the end of the article. Using ERUNT is very simple. When run for the first time, it will ask you for the folder in which all the backups will be saved. The default folder is C:\Windows\ERDNT. You can also select which Registry hive to backup. You can either backup the system registry hive, current user registry or both.

ERUNT backup in progress

Please note that if you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, you will need to change the default save location to some other folder outside of the Windows system folder. Otherwise the software will give an error for not able to write to the folder for backup.

ERUNT error message

ERUNT consists of a very good feature of Registry auto-backup. After installation, ERUNT will automatically backup the system Registry at every system startup. By default, the automatic backups are stored in the folder: C:\Windows\ERDNT\AutoBackup.

ERUNT restoring the backups

Restoring the Windows Registry is also very easy. Just go to the folder where the backup has been save. Find ERDNT.exe and run it. It will automatically restore the Registry to its previous state.

Download Emergency Recovery Utility NT (ERUNT)

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