How To Backup And Restore Yahoo Messenger! Archive Messages In Windows 8

Yahoo Messenger 11.5Although Email remains a solid way of communication, Instant Messaging has become more popular these days when it comes to instant communication. You can imagine the importance of instant messaging by the fact that even Facebook was forced to release a desktop instant messaging client for Facebook users. But now we have other popular instant messengers like Windows Live Messenger, Skype and Yahoo Messenger. All these messengers can integrate your Facebook friends so that you can chat with your Facebook friends without logging into Facebook.

Unlike other messengers, Yahoo Messenger stores the chat history on the computer on which it is installed. So if your Operating System crashes or if you lose access to your computer, all your chat history is gone. But fortunately there is a way by which you can backup Yahoo Messenger archive messages and then restore them on any other computer. Since Windows 8 is a hot topic nowadays, the steps below to backup and restore Yahoo Messenger archives will be done on Windows 8. The same steps can be followed with minor changes in other Operating Systems like Windows 7 and Windows XP. I am using the latest version of Yahoo Messenger for this tutorial.

Enabling conversation history feature in Yahoo Messenger

By default, Yahoo Messenger will not store any chat history. You will need to enable the conversation history option in order to the chat history to be stored. To enable the archive history feature, do the following:

Activate Yahoo Messenger conversation history

  1. Sign into Yahoo Messenger
  2. Go to Messenger –> Preferences –> Conversation History
  3. Select the option: “Keep a history of my conversations” and press the Apply button.

Backup Yahoo Messenger conversation history

Backing up all the conversation history of Yahoo Messenger is easy. You just have to the following folder:


You will have to replace username with your Windows user ID and YahooUser with your Yahoo ID. You can safely copy the YahooUser folder to a safe location as this contains all the conversation history that you have done after you enabled the conversation history feature.

Yahoo Messenger archives

If you login to Yahoo Messenger with multiple profiles, you can backup all the profiles from the same technique as discussed above.

Restore Yahoo Messenger conversation history

Restoring Yahoo Messenger conversation history is as easy as backing up. You will need to do the following:

  1. Go to the following location:
  2. Copy the folder YahooUser which was backed up in the above steps.

This will make your Yahoo Messenger history available to you when you login to the messenger again.

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