Easily Backup And Recover Data From Corrupted Hard Drive

Any storage device such as a hard drive is the most important component of any computer. This is because all the data is stored on the storage device. All other hardware can be replaced but the data can’t be retrieved if the hard drive gets corrupted.

This is why we always say that backup is an essential part of our digital lives. I recently wrote an article about how to check and monitor hard drive health in Windows. This makes sure that we are aware of any future problems that may possibly occur.

Today we will go one step further and discuss how to recover our data even if the hard drive gets corrupted. Long time ago, we discussed about Unstoppable Copier which copies the contents of and CD/DVD even if it is unreadable and corrupt.

DataRescue DD (also known as DrDD) is a free software that can create an image of any hard drive even if it has been corrupted. You can always create an image and then copy the content to any other location.

DataRescue DD

DataRescue DD does not require any installation. Just unzip and run the executable. But you will need to run the executable with administrative privileges if you are using Windows 7 or Windows 8. Otherwise, the hard drive will not be detected. Each partition on the hard drive will be detected separately. You can select any drive as the source and then the destination where you want to save the data.

Unlike other backup and copy programs, DataRescue DD supports imaging the drive from both sides, from the start to the end and from the end to the start. The logic is very simple. Usually the hard drive gets corrupted contagiously. That means adjacent sectors will get damaged. Normal back programs will be stuck on those sectors and will not proceed forward.

Using DataRescue DD, you can easily skip those sectors which have been corrupted. All other data will be backed up.

Although there are many other data copying and imaging software available, DataRescue DD comes in handy when you have to skip the bad sectors from copying. The best feature of DataRescue DD is that it is portable and can be run from the USB flash drive.