How To Backup Gmail And Yahoo Emails On Your Computer

Gmail is a popular email service providing email services to millions of users around the world. Gmail has a lot of features but there is no direct way to download and backup email from Gmail on our local computers. Gmail, however, offers POP3 and IMAP functionality which lets us download the email locally using any email client like Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird.

MailStore Home can backup your email

MailStore Home 7

MailStore Home is a free portable app that enables you to archive all the emails from multiple email accounts in a centralized archive. MailStore Home is free for personal use and can be installed in Windows or used as a portable app. If you are running it as a portable app, it will be able to backup your email accounts on a USB flash drive making it possible for your to take your backup anywhere with you.


  1. MailStore Home provides a text searching function by which you can search your backed up and archived emails in seconds.
  2. It provides a central email backup and management system unlike POP3 which only downloads email from your inbox.
  3. It supports several sources including Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Exchange Server mailboxes, Office 365, Mozilla Thunderbird etc.
  4. Can even backup large amounts of email very conveniently without data loss or corruption.
  5. All archived emails can be restored. This feature is essentially great for migrating emails from one account to another.
  6. It can be installed on a PC as well as on a USB flash drive as a portable app.

Installation and usage

When you start MailStore Home setup for installation, it will ask you whether to install it on the computer or as a portable app on any USB drive, hard drive or a specific folder. And that’s it. This is the only configuration you will need for installation.

MailStore Home installation options

To start backing up your email, you will need to click on Archive Email button. You will need to create a new profile by entering your email address.

Archive Google mail settings

To backup your gmail account, just click on the Advanced button and select Google Mail. Please note that you will need to enable POP3/IMAP in your Gmail settings in order for MailStore Home to backup the emails. On the next screen you will get some configuration options related to backing up emails from your Gmail account.

Archive Gmail emails settings

Clicking on the Finish button will automatically create a new profile for you. You can select the profile and run it to backup your email according to the settings you have configured before.

Backup gmail emails

Final analysis

Overall MailStore Home is a great product for all those who have many email accounts and want to backup their email accounts in one place without the feature of data corruption. The email searching function provides MailStore Home with an added advantage over other similar products in the market. The only drawback of MailStore Home is that it does not provide any way to automate or schedule the backup process. You always have to run the backup profiles you have created in order to update the backup.

System requirements and download

Since MailStore Home is free for personal use only, you can not install it on Windows Server OS. It is compatible with Windows XP SP3 and Windows 7.

Download MailStore Home