Fix USB Device Not Recognized In Windows

List of fixes and solutions you can apply to the computer where you are getting USB Device Not Recognized or Device has malfunctioned errors. USB ports and devices are used everywhere. There are multiple USB ports in a computer meaning that you can connect multiple USB devices to your computer. In fact, you can connect … Read more

How To Close TCP/UDP Ports In Windows 8 For Better Security

Computer network communication works using software ports. Ports are application specific end points 65,535 ports of which 1024 are pre-defined also known as well-known ports. You can learn more about computer ports through this Wiki article. Viruses and hackers use open ports in the Operating System to have illegal access to the system. The simplest … Read more

System Level Spell Checkers For Windows

Spell check was first introduced in Microsoft Word long ago but now spell and grammar checking has become a necessity for almost all applications that we use on any Operating System. Whether we are using a web browser or a notes taking application, we expect it to correct our spellings as we type. But there … Read more

How To Enable/Disable Metered Connection In Windows 8

Windows 8 has introduced a categorization of Internet connections. Now there are two types of connections: a metered connection and a non-metered connection. A metered connection is the one is charged by the amount of data used (downloaded and uploaded) by the Internet Service Providers. A non-metered connection is the regular connection which does not … Read more

Why Using Keygens In Windows 8 Is Not A Good Idea

The latest reports from Microsoft suggest that Keygens are the number one threat for Windows 8 and Windows 7 users. The research came in after analyzing the user submitted reports to Microsoft. The reports submitted by users are usually from Microsoft’s own security products like Windows Defender and Microsoft Security Essentials. What are keygens? Keygen … Read more

5 Alternative Ways To Update Windows Without Using Microsoft Windows Update

Most of the people including me find it difficult to handle the default function of Microsoft Windows updates. I find it difficult because every time I install Windows, I have to go through a lengthy process of installing the updates again. I have been searching for alternative ways to update Windows rather than going to … Read more

Unhide Files And Folders By Single DOS Command

While Windows Explorer is the best file explorer when it comes to browsing files that we have saved on our hard drives, viruses make use of certain properties in Windows Explorer to disable some important functions. These viruses usually come from USB Flash drives and disable the functions like hidden files can’t be unhidden again … Read more

3 Ways to Enable Remote Desktop Connection In Windows 7

Windows Remote Desktop enables us to connect to our systems remotely through the network or internet. It’s very useful if we are connected to a network and we want to use several computers. We can open the desktops or screens of all the computers and do whatever we want to do. In Windows XP, enabling … Read more

How To Enable/Disable Windows Defender In Windows 8

If you are using Windows 8, most probably you are safe from most of the malware and virus threats because Windows 8 includes a nifty anti-malware called Windows Defender. While Windows Defender may not be the best antivirus software for computer virus protection, it is always better than to be without any security software. Since … Read more